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You're ALL Fired!

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Jul 25, 2006 3:43PM

2006_07_sports_trump_cubs.jpgA few weeks ago, we noted that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban expressed an interest in buying the Cubs. But he's not the only billionaire who could imagine himself in the owner's box at Wrigley. Donald Trump would also be interested!

The brash real estate tycoon and reality show star said that he'd like to own the team. When asked by Mike North on 670 the Score, the Donald responded, "I would be interested, yeah. I think the Cubs are a great franchise, a storied franchise, an amazing franchise."

Trump, the ruthless businessman, who has no patience for not being the biggest and best? The guy who's now best known for turning "You're Fired!" into the most recognizable catch phrase? Dusty Baker, and all the players, too, must be shaking in their boots!

Of course, Trump has a thing for putting his name on things. So were he to buy the Cubs, we could probably expect the team to become the Chicago Trumps. And he'd probably rename Wrigley -- how's Trump Field sound?

In fact, he'd probably bulldoze the damn park and build a new one replete with black marble, gold leaf trim and hundreds of yards of mirrored glass protecting the fans in their luxury boxes. And that's the only seating there'd be in his stadium. No room for the little guy. You think the new bench seats at the Bulls games are expensive? You ain't seen nothing yet!