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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do at Alinea

By Erin in Food on Aug 1, 2006 7:13PM

A quick perusal recently at Chowhound reminded us why we love this site so much in the first place: it's sort of like a Craigslist for people who aren't looking so much for a connection with a person as much as 2006_08_bestplacebadnews.jpga connection with a restaurant to make the happiness happen. Whether it's a need to find a place to impress someone on a first date, blow tons of cash on a client with your unlimited expense account, or celebrate an anniversary, Chowhound is your place to go.

But what of the other occasions? The ones where you need just the perfect spot to, say, break up with someone? Maybe it's the heat turning our brains into sadistic mush, but Chicagoist wants to know. Tell us, dear readers:

What is the best restaurant to go to when you have bad news to deliver to another person and privacy just won't do?

Drop us an email at and tell us about the restaurant where we'd most likely find you giving your lovers their walking papers, confronting your roommate for not paying her share of the bills, or maybe even dropping the bad news on your folks that all those years they thought you were in college taking classes, you really were hitting the bong and making out with sensitive ponytail men, and subsequently never actually graduated.

We'll post your suggestions later this week.