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Well, He Would Know

By Scott Smith in News on Aug 2, 2006 9:53PM

With all the screw-ups going on with the Brown Line reconstruction project, there’s no lack of things to complain about: cost overruns, customer dissatisfaction and sculptures that look like giant schlongs.

Oh you missed that last one, did you? Well the office of Alderman Dick Mell certainly hasn’t. According to a report from Pioneer Press published in the Sun-Times, Ravenswood sculptor Josh Barger has created two 10-foot-tall lotus blossoms 2006_07_lotus.jpgmade out of aluminum to be placed in front of the newly redesigned Kimball station.

Residents have complained to Alderman Mell’s office that the sculptures resemble the (ahem) male sexual organ, and his spokesman concurs. We haven’t seen pictures of the renderings yet, but we figure with a first name like that and Governor Blagojevich for a son-in-law, he knows what he’s talking about.

Mell’s aide Gary Medina hopes that Barger can change the sculptures before they’re, um, erected. In fact, he suggested the artist “soften it up a little.” Chicagoist thinks the desired effect might be achieved by pouring hefty amounts of Dewar’s over them.