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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Aug 6, 2006 8:55AM

Even as the stores sport back to school sales (which depress us, even now), summer lingers on your friends the -ists. This week's collection of links provides some of the best, worst, and oddest bits of summer fun. So, bring your laptop up onto the roof, make yourself an umbrella drink or ten, and enjoy this week's choice posts from across the Gothamist network.

Torontoist (where it's 75 degrees F as of this writing) is keeping things cool this summer, nudity and blood optional. Less cool are the comments in this post about a hipster auctioning off crap so she can buy a house. And no summer would be complete without the twin guilty pleasures of crap dining and crap TV: get them both with Torontoist's interview with "Rockstar: Supernova" star Lucas Rossi and a look at the safety ratings of some of Toronto's favorite greasy spoons.

Phillyist (88 degrees) has plenty to say about the most summery of sports, baseball. If baseball's not your cup of tea, there's always indoor sports.

We don't even want to think about how hot it must be for our pals at Austinist (99 degrees, ugh!), but it's only 59 degrees in Budapest, where local Chuck Norris might have a bridge named after him. Guess they'll be watching reruns of "Walker, Texas Ranger" on one big-ass TV.

Londonist (66 degrees) celebrates the season with some public sex. Then again, maybe the drive to mate whenever, wherever is less a function of the season and more a reaction to London's SEVERE terror threat level. Fortunately, Patrick Swayze is there to save the day.

Shanghaiist's (82 degrees) comments get even hotter than Torontoist's, with their post on China's recent mass slaughter of dogs. But, hey, how about that perennial summertime treat, BBQ (that may or may not be from Yao Ming)? OK, so they may not have good BBQ, but they sure do know how to keep public transportation cool as the temp climbs.

SFist's (74 degrees) police blotter is definitely crazy from the heat, with the arrests of a person named "Penisimani" and a former The News member. They also try to get their mayor a summer fling. And though it's too hot to think of costumes right now, San Francisco continues to wrestle with a possible Halloween cancellation.

Bostonist (73 degrees) takes us to the best summer vacation spot ever, our misspent youth. MTV's 25th birthday inspired them to bring us long-forgotten gems from local groups NKOTB, New Edition (oh, poor Bobby Brown!) and Aerosmith.

Though summer for Miamist (87 degrees) can also mean dangerous weather, we're happy to see that Hurricane Chris has been declared dead. Speaking of being declared dead (or not), did you know that Fidel Castro's sister lives a quiet life in Miami? Oh, and speaking of controversial leaders, President Bush was in town.

Seattlest (81 degrees) is preoccupied with summer distractions like baseball and air shows (check out the comments on that one). They also defend a beloved summer treat and protect us from the mojitos at Havana.

Over at LAist (78 degrees) it's always summer. That's why, when they tell us to take LAist with a grain of salt we respond "there's more than one grain of salt on the margarita we're drinking, baby!" Yeah, the tequila might be the reason we're considering impossible auto-erotic possibilities. Or maybe we're just newly motivated?

DCist's (88 degrees) post on new seating configurations on Metro inspired comments as hot as DC itself. Hey, folks, if things are that bad, maybe it's time for the Low Car Diet? A steak on the grill just smells like summer to us, but Charlie Palmer Steak isn't DCist's first choice or this classic summer meal.

Chicagoist (83 degrees) has the summer music fests down cold, with Lollapalooza coming to town and crazy intensive coverage of the Pitchfork Music Festival.

You know how it's so hard to get to sleep when it's hot out? Houstonist (90 degrees) tells us about one guy who seems blissfully free of problems like that, as he parked his car on the freeway to grab 40 winks. They also get hot under the collar about the proposed demolition of a local landmark (and have the highly popular petition to prove it!) Oh, and when we mean "the collar", we mean the one at the top of a shirt, don't be gross!

Videos pulled from YouTube by Bostonist's adorably nostalgic staff

Links compiled by SFist Eve "It's gettin' hot in here (so hot)/So take off all your clothes" Batey