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Morning After Pill With a Smile, or Your Order's Free

By Joanna Miller in News on Aug 9, 2006 9:09PM

2006_08_09planb.JPGIn a blow to sexually frustrated, judgmental pharmacists throughout Illinois, the state will now require them to post signs outlining women’s rights to contraceptives. The order is an enforcement measure for Gov. Blagojevich’s executive order requiring pharmacies to fill emergency contraception prescriptions if they dispense birth control.

In addition, the signs explain where a woman can file a complaint if their prescription is denied.

It reminds us a little of those signs on drive-thru windows that promise a free meal if you don’t get a receipt. Only, those are a little demeaning and sad. We think the birth control signs are much more helpful. Although some pharmacists disagree.

We’re guessing Pat Robertson and his public-interest group will also disagree with us, but, then again, if they didn’t, we’d have no reason to live. In December, the group filed a lawsuit on behalf of five pharmacists who were suspended by Walgreen Co. after they refused to dispense the morning-after pill. The lawsuit is still pending.

Also today, Blagojevich urged FDA regulators to approve the over-the-counter sale of emergency contraception, but says he will make it available with or without them. If he succeeds, Illinois will become the 10th state to allow Plan B without a prescription.