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Not Loving It So Much

By Erin in Food on Aug 9, 2006 12:03PM

It's not that we don't feel awfully bad for someone who suffers from gastrointestinal issues, but we here at Chicagoist have a tough time swallowing - no pun intended - anyone suing McDonald's for anything these days.

According to a lawsuit she filed in Cook County Circuit Court Tuesday, Sleepy Hollow resident Sara Feldten stopped off for a double cheeseburger at a West Dundee McDonald's and apparently bit into a piece of metal. The suit doesn't tell us how much metal or what kind, but our friends at tell us that Feldten has been suffering from stomach issues since then.

2006_08_mcdonalds.jpgStrangely enough, Chicagoist watched Super Size Me for the first time last night - we know, we're a couple years behind the curve - and upon hearing about this story, we can help but wonder if it wasn't just the double cheeseburger itself that's causing her these problems, rather than some errant piece of metal. Seriously: we're convinced that it would be better to eat plateloads of steel shards than anything from McDonald's ever again.

All that aside, Chicagoist wonders if we all haven't overdosed from these sorts of lawsuits, where the incident may in fact have happened but making the link between the incident and the aftermath seems cagey at best. We've just grown skeptical of such things, sorry to say. And maybe we've found one too many crinkly, wiry pubic-like looking hairs in our chicken sandwiches to be very surprised or moved.

Because we at Chicagoist encourage grotesque discussion first thing in the morning, tell us: What's the nastiest thing you've found in your fast food?

Image: Super Size Me Web site, Julie Soefer