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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Aug 14, 2006 4:26PM

HeirloomTomatoes.jpgGod, we're so sick of Snakes on a Plane that we want to kill anyone and everyone that makes a "something on a something" joke. But then we realized that there was no way we could ever win this fight, and, hell, if you can't beat them, we might as well join them. And with that, you have the theme of this weeks' Gothamist network post.

Austinist makes it easy for us, with Candidate on a Civic Building, Blank on a Blank, and Penguins on a Freeway (warning: sad).

Can we force SFist into our Noun in a Noun box? Hell, yeah! We got us a Geek on a Laptop, Tomatoes on a Plate, and the A's on a Tear.

Phillyist brings us Rocky on a Set of Stairs (or not), Cold Towels on a Phillyist and NOLA Benefit on a Thursday.

We always look forward to Shanghaiist's links, and this week is no exception as one of our favorite -ist columnists, Shanghai Fag Hag Tiffany, tells us about Pandas on a Night Out. Stick around for Wild Animals on a Limited Lease, an Ass-Kicking on a Shanghai Street and a Vandal on a Rampage.

Oh, no! It's Weed on a Listserv! DCist also features Logo on a Boob, Left Side Standers on a S**tlist, Jonathan R. Rees on a Furlough From The Nuthouse, Commenters on a Break, and Threats on a Sign.

What does LAist have for us? Oh, there's Dogg on a Mike, a Novel on a Generation, Animal Style on a Double Double, and Crazy Boots on a Bunch of People.


Houstonist is full of Houstonny goodness, what with Questionable Sentiments on a Wall, Metro Plans on a Table (from which they can, apparently, never be removed), Penguins on a Freeway Again (warning: still sad), and Dixie Chicks on a Shortened Tour.

Seattlest does a public service by pointing out some Confusion on a Child Molester's Identity, rocks out to Pirates on a Stage, sees Beckham on a US Tour, and folks flying out of Sea-Tac (hahahahaha) Wait on a Plane.

Oh, Torontoist, why so cranky? They Hate on a Lame Movie, and it's pretty damn funny. Also: George Bush on a Billboard, Bike Theft on a Guarded Block, and Wolf Parade on a Deadline.

Chicagoist is having the the best time as they Muse on a Fest. Oh, god, it's Joe Francis (allegedly non-consensually) on a Drunk Woman. How about Beloved DJ Not on a Radio? Finally, look at Fashion on a City-Wide Scale.

We round out our week of Something on a Something with some links from Gothamist. They bring us a nightmarish tale of Gaps on a Train Platform. Easier to take are Hipsters on a Crime Wave, Corpse Flower on a Web Cam, a Snow Leopard on a Mission (thankfully, NOT sad), and, last but certainly not least, Movable Hype on a September Evening.

Tomato photo by Melissa Schneider, Pink boots photo by LAist Sarah

Links compiled by SFist Eve "Too Much Email on a Motherf**king Saturday" Batey