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Chicagoist's "Beer of the Week": Point Honey Light

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Aug 17, 2006 3:45PM

2006_08_pointhl.gifWe like a cold bottle of Point now and then, but sadly admit to not being up to speed on the other brews coming out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Then the other day, someone tossed us a bone and we caught up mighty quick.

Point is currently placing a big marketing push behind their new light beer, and as far as light beers are concerned, it is a great alternative from the Miller/Bud/Coors light trinity. But Point Honey Light surprised the hell out of us. As much as we liked Point Light, we were shocked by how much we loved Point Honey Light.

First, it isn't as watery as other light beers. It pours a nice golden color, with solid carbonation, a thick ring of foam, and minimal lacing. Second, it actually has a slight honey flavor, unlike many other honey beers taking up space on shelves. The honey underscores some citrus notes on the palate. It's a light beer with character. This beer also finishes clean and dry, making it a good option for picnics and barbecues. Third, it only contains 122 calories. This means you folks afraid of having some curves don't have to replace your french fries with celery sticks when you order that half-pound black angus burger with blue cheese at Jack Sullivan's.

You'll probably find Point Honey Light for six bucks a six-pack at your local liquor store; if you find yourself in Le Passage's VIP room one night, it could cost you forty bucks a bottle. But you aren't buying the beer there; you're buying real estate. So buy a six-pack at the grocery store, fire up the grill, pair it with a good sirloin and slum at home. Point Honey Light is Chicagoist's "beer of the week."