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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Aug 20, 2006 12:43PM

Breaking the law, breaking the law We -ist folks love us some crime, and no misdemeanor is too petty for a post on any of our sites. This week, join us for a rogues' gallery of miscreants major, minor, and alleged.

Gothamist gets us started with "Law & Order", muppet style. Oh, you know what isn't a crime? Taking pictures on the MTA. So, why are cops stopping photographers? In other Gotham crime, a group of Asian men was attacked by a group of white guys in Queens. Finally, Boy George reports for his court mandated community service. Sweet.

Londonist brings us the tale of poor Bob Hoskins, shaken at his near-miss with terrorists. Meanwhile, Interpol sweeps in to reclaim a lost Peruvian artifact. Then, there's the slasher who claims he got his weapon from President Bush. Ouch!

Phillyist's bus system, SEPTA, is fighting crime in a whole new way, and it would be a crime in and of itself for you not to read this story about Oreo the cat. Oh, and can we agree that requesting "Piano Man" at a piano bar should be illegal?

Torontoist's thorough coverage of the XVI International AIDS Conference, doesn't fit into the "crime" theme, but it's too great to pass up. But we're back on track with their post on bike rack vulnerability and an interview with a controversial crime fighter.

DCist brings us a murder that gets more mysterious by the day, and we're considering a life of crime ourselves, if it'll allow us to dine out like DCist. And if it's not illegal to sell soiled mattresses, it should be.

SFist muses on the negligent behavior of a public transit employee, covered the questionable confession of a man arrested for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, and delineated the highway robbery that is the Bay Area real estate market.

Shanghaiist brings us this video of "one of the worst cover bands we have seen in China", which isn't illegal, but should be. We're unclear on the legal status of an "invisible monster cock", and we'd prefer to stay that way. Price gouging on drinks is a criminal act, in our opinion.

Chicagoist gets thrown in the hoosgow by readers who hate the Annual Air & Water Show. Should bottle service be illegal? Chicagoist's commenters debate that, too. And the criminally overdiscussed (and we say this even as we trotted this out as a theme last week) SOAP gets the Chicagoist commenter treatment, as well.

LAist exposes the questionable ethics of Accepted's marketing, tells us how to make the criminally tasty Moscow mule, and creates a criminal amount of garbage.

Houstonist blows us away with the announcement that they wear pantyhose. Someone call the fashion police! Houston's city council takes a bite out of shoddy newspaper rack crime. The only real criminals in Houston seem to be flying roaches. (No, not those kind.)

Those miscreants at Bostonist take their shot at our newest public enemy number one, Mel Gibson. Public enemy number two? Gold bricking spammers. Number three? Bad mergers.

Seattlest gets a photo of missing person Bettie Page, breaks some laws of their own by getting "drunk on clandestine vodka, and yell(ing) at passing cars." When is domestic violence kinda understandable? Now.

Austinist's lovable rogues tell us about issues in their state's gubernatorial race, eagerly anticipate the arrival of the criminally hilarious Onion, and bemoan the firing of a teacher who committed the crime of (gasp!) partial nudity.

Links compiled by SFist Eve "Diversion Program Success Story" Batey