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And the Starter for Week 2?

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Aug 21, 2006 6:08PM

2006_03_sports_brian_griese.jpgAnyone who's watched the Bears first two pre-season games knows who should be the Bears QB when they open their regular season against the Packers on Sep. 10th. And anyone who's read or listened to anything about the Bears also know who will be the starting QB in that game. And the answer isn't the same guy!

In spite of two sub-par preseason outing by Rex Grossman, Lovie Smith stands firm that Rex is his guy following Friday's 24-3 victory. In his post-game press conference, Lovie explained, ''We have our [first-team] offense that we're trying to get ready for Green Bay,'' Smith said. ''Rex is a part of that.''

Has Lovie actually watched the guy? Halfway through preseason, he's 10-25 for 130 yards, no TD and 1 INT (that was at the goal line, to boot). Griese is 8-11 for 150 yards, 3 TDs and no INT.

Griese is also a known performer in the NFL, having started 72 games during his 8 seasons. Grossman has started a grand total of 8 games during his NFL career. Might Grossman be the better QB eventually? It's possible. But do you allow a guy to develop on the field, when you've got a team that's got a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl? Chicagoist doesn't think that's fair to the other 52 guys on the roster, and doesn't think it's fair to the fans. Griese is the better QB right now, and that's who will help the Bears rise to the top in the NFC this season.

in the past, Lovie's been pretty good about getting his best team on the field, even when it's meant benching veterans and starting rookies. Hopefully, if Rex Grossman starts in week 1 and performs below par, Smith will bench him, too. Of course, with Rex, a knee, ankle or shoulder could render such a decision moot.