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"Why, Yes! It IS a Slow News Day, Why Do You Ask?"

By Scott Smith in News on Aug 21, 2006 4:49PM

We’ve all taken demeaning jobs to help pay the bills. (Don’t get us started on the number of times we dressed up as cartoon animals for children’s birthday parties.) One Chicago man figured he could get some work in the porn industry and keep it on the down low. Unfortunately, he discovered that not everyone in the porn industry is forthright and true. Also, the Easter Bunny isn’t real.

2006_08_accepted.jpgA man going by the name of John Doe (not to be confused with porn star John Dough from Jim Holliday’s Cheerleader Nurses) filed a civil lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court that alleges his “depictions” in the gay porn films Dorm Life 6 and Dorm Life 7: Hot and Creamy, are making it hard (ahem) for him to pursue mainstream film work. Call us crazy, but people who file lawsuits to protect their anonymity always confuse us. It seems to us that such lawsuits are guaranteed to attract attention, especially those that feature the phrase “Hot and Creamy.”

Though he’s using the name John Doe in this lawsuit, anyone with too much spare time and an Internet connection (read: us) can discover that the director of both films is listed on various online porn shops as Devin Wiley (we'd offer you some links, but we figure you'd like to keep your job). He’s also listed as the director of Dorm Life 4 and 5, two films not mentioned in the lawsuit. This leads us to wonder if it’s a nom de porn. Like all those dogs that played Lassie, but not all of them were actually named Lassie. Also, who names their pet Devin?

The Sun-Times notes that Doe is suing “Flava Works, its subsidiaries, Lukebaby Productions and, as well as the owner of those companies, Phillip Bleicher,” who has had so much legal trouble in the last couple of years that he ought to be getting a volume discount from his lawyer by now.