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Where to Watch Your Favorite Team

By Benjy Lipsman in Food on Aug 30, 2006 3:18PM

2006_08_sports_beer_football_helmet.jpgCollege football season kicks off this weekend, and that means that across the city, fans will be flocking to countless bars to watch their favorite teams.

Chicago is second to none when it comes to its school pride, as nearly every sports bar and neighborhood tap affiliates itself with some college team -- at least in Lincoln Park and Lakeview. If you're trying to find the hideout for a particular school, keep your eyes peeled for packs of guys in football jerseys and backward caps of their alma maters, or girls in their Wrigley-best minis and tight T-shirts -- only those tees will say Michigan or Notre Dame instead of Cubs. Otherwise, you could also look for the giant flags hanging outside the bars come football season.

With dozens of colleges and hundreds of bars, there's no way to cover 'em all. So we thought we'd give a brief rundown to the Big Ten bars -- and we'll throw in Notre Dame, too, since there seem to be so damn many Fighting Irish fans in town.

Merkle's - 3516 N. Clark
Kendall's - 2263 N. Lincoln
Brownstone - 3837 N. Lincoln
Joe's - 940 W. Weed St.
Schoolyard Tavern - 3258 N. Southport

Joe's - 940 W. Weed St.
Hi-Tops - 3551 N. Sheffield

Merkle's - 3516 N. Clark
Sedgwick's - 1935 N. Shedgwick
Goodbar - 2512 N. Halsted
Gaslight - 2426 N. Racine

Duffy's - 420 W. Diversey
Mad River Bar & Grille - 2909 N. Sheffield

Michigan St.
The Gin Mill - 2462 N. Lincoln
Tin Lizzie - 2483 N. Clark
O'Malley's West - 2249 N. Lincoln

The Ivy - 3462 N. Clark

Mullen's - 3527 N. Clark

Ohio St.
John Barleycorn - 2142 N. Clybourn
McGee's - 950 W. Webster
Casey Moran's - 3660 N. Clark

Penn St.
Flounder's - 2201 N. Clybourn

Durkin's - 810 W. Diversey

Will's Northwood Inn - 3032 N. Racine
Redmond's - 3358 N. Sheffield

Notre Dame
Wrightwood Tap - 1059 W. Wrightwood
Kincade's - 950 W. Armitage
O'Donovan's - 2100 W. Irving Park

This list is certainly not the definitive list, so feel free to mention other bars where fans of the listed schools hang out, as well as list those countless other schools we left off the list.