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There's Always Barber College

By Chuck Sudo in News on Sep 1, 2006 3:46PM

2006_09_road_house.jpgMarshall Field coined the phrase "Give the lady what she wants", which later morphed into the more inclusive "the customer is always right", under protege H. Gordon Selfridge. However, if you are, or have ever been, a bartender, you know that's bullshit. You've had those moments where you just wanted to smack the taste out of someone's mouth, because they're giving you grief for not carrying Red Bull. But, because it's your job, you suck it up, take the abuse, and their money.

You also don't get drunk on the job, especially so drunk that you go all "Road House" on someone's face with a broken bottle. Allegedly, bartender Jung Soo Kin doesn't have the temperament for the trade, and forgot Dalton's Third Rule: "be nice". A lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court yesterday by Chang S. Lee claims that Jung - while tending bar at the Double Deuce Go Rae Sa Nyang at 6320 N. Lincoln - got drunk, antagonized Lee, then broke a beer bottle and slashed Lee's face. Guess Jung must be related to Brad Wesley. Or maybe someone called him a cocksucker, which you shouldn't take personally on the job, as they're two words put together to elicit a specific response.

Lee's lawsuit is against Jung individually, for battery; Go Rae Sa Nyang parent company Yeo Inn Corp., for liability; and owner Kum Ye McClelland, for liability. A word of advice for McClelland: if you hire a good cooler, he or she can ferret out those troublemaking employees and clean up your club. Just don't hire this one. He's all washed up.