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Survey Says

By Jocelyn Geboy in News on Sep 8, 2006 8:42PM

We're not gonna lie. We're suckers for a survey. We're flattered to be asked to take a taste test, review a product, to fill out a questionnaire. When we found out in our 20s that you could get *paid* to do just such a thing, we were tingly all over. And we promptly signed up with as many places as would take us. We were always bummed as kids that our house wasn't one of the Nielsen families and we always wanted to know how to get them to sign us up for a Gallup poll. Seriously.

Well, if you're anything like us, you can participate in the New City Best Of Audience Poll that's on right now. And we know you have opinions, people. You have to do a little fill-out form dealio, which is slightly annoying, but we also know you can handle that, too.

Their categories are stereotypical (best pizza, best Mexican restaurant, best coffeehouse, best local radio station) and classically bound to start discussion/argument (best El station, best reason to boycott/shop at Macy's on State, best reason for Chicago to host the Olympics).

There are categories that seem hot on trends of the decade (best tattoo parlor, best yoga studio, best cheap place to buy cigarettes), and ones that are supposed to be cutely morbid (chances to write epitaphs for the graves of Corgan, Daley, Oprah, Reinsdorf and Trotter).

We're waiting with bated breath for the answers to "Best thing about the Dan Ryan construction project," and "Best use for the space being vacated by Carson's on State." And in case you're wondering? Our answer for the latter was: a roller rink. We need something to replace Rainbo, and we think it would be tourist friendly. (And isn't that what counts!?) Not to mention the Windy City Rollers could use a downtown location!

We'd also liked to have seen a couple of categories that they missed ... best local blog (of course) and perhaps best thrift store and best local library branch. We're geeks like that. We're also looking forward to tips on best fries and best cupcakes. So, bring it on.

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