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Extra, Extra

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Sep 10, 2006 8:31PM

toistmoore%282%29.jpgEven though we are way way past school age, we still get a little melancholy at the close of summer. Fortunately, our friends across the -ist network know that the shenanigans don't need to end just because the big yellow buses are back on the roads. So, grab your sunscreen and your favorite hangover cure, as we take a tour of end of summer fun from -ist cities all over the damn place.

SFist Tourist has some vacation fun as they take the famous Chinatown Ghost tour. Unfortunately, it kind of sucked. They also tooks in a youth football game turned MMA match, and debated a possible TV appearance.

It's always summer at Austinist, where they are gearing up for their second annual fall shindig, interviewing Salvage Vanguard, and marveling at Tom DeLay's new low.


LAist spends the waning days of summer with the great outdoors, a white, 30-something guy, and a Satanist.

Torontoist ends summer with a bang, with the Toronto International Film Festival. But the fun doesn't stop there -- they also dally with Perez Hilton, and photograph every subway station in Toronto. Sheesh!

What does DCist do to herald the end of summer? Go out to eat, of course! Over their meal, we suspect that the conversation revolved around real estate. They're so grown up over there!


Londonist partakes in a little end of summer vandalism, takes some flaming public transportation, and is just plain inferior to LA, or are they?

As summer ends, Chicagoist goes for one last run around the lake. Watch out!. Screw exercise, let's watch some Chicago-set TV. What, you aren't watching any TV until the fall season starts? Then why not read the Red Eye -- someone's got to.

The waning days of the season drives Phillyist to fancy-pants fast food, to Philly Fringe Fest, and to root for Rocky.


Did Bostonist steal that missing plastic explosive, in some sort of early fall prank? We ain't telling. But we will say that we're a little freaked out by this bus rollover, and that we're even more freaked out by some of the Orwellian revelations in the wake of the accident.

Seattlest keeps summer going with an inexpensive chilled drink recipe (and we use the term "recipe" loosely). They also get a little weepy and infiltrate an Intelligent Design party.

Ah, summer in New York -- there's nothing like it. If we book a ticket this weekend, we think we can catch the last of the warm weather. Maybe we'll go to Lord and Taylor and polish off some Hong Kong cakes. Then again, if we wait, like, six years, we can see the new World Trade Center.

All images of Michael Moore repairing a movie projector by Torontoist Rob Shostak

Links compiled by SFist Eve "Summer Time And The Living Is Sleazy" Batey