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Would Royko Have Written About Lance Bass’ Ass?

By Scott Smith in News on Sep 12, 2006 2:42PM

As more and more details are revealed about Q101’s new morning show, we’re 2006_09_radio.jpgmore and more perplexed.

We initially wrote off this new venture as the kind of generic Morning Zoo that has never worked here for long. But this interview with head writer Michael McCarthy indicates that the brain trust behind it knows more about what works in Chicago radio than its website of reheated song parodies and viral video would have you believe.

First, the show—which debuts on September 18th—will consist of three half-hour segments that will repeat. Since most morning shows have two minutes of crap for every minute of brilliance, this makes a lot of sense. Rather than try to compete with an “always-on” satellite radio audience, this positions the show with a commuter audience in mind.

Plus, many of the show’s staffers have local roots or experience doing radio in Chicago. In reading the interview, it seems as if McCarthy wants to make a show for Chicago and not use it as a launching pad to syndication. He says that working on Sesame Street taught him to write intelligently because kids “sense it immediately” when you’re being fake. The same goes for Chicagoans who can see past the occasional mention of the Cubs and the Dan Ryan. And the promise of Royko-style commentary has us intrigued.

All of which stands in stark contrast to the bits on the still-untitled show’s website. We’re willing to bet that this was just a quick-and-dirty way to get people talking about this latest venture, while they hammered out the details. Lord knows Chicago doesn’t need another parody about Tom Cruise. Although that Pop Collar Boys bit is good stuff.