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The "Get Well Roger" Photo Project

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 14, 2006 3:14PM

It’s been a quiet month since we last heard an update about Roger Ebert, the Chicago Sun-Times film critic and co-host of “Ebert and Roeper.” Back then, we posted some suggestions for putting out some good vibes 2006_09_caroline_thumbs.jpgto speed along the man’s recovery. But the best suggestion came from one of our commenters, FernLaPlante:

“I think we should all take Polaroids of ourselves flashing the Thumbs Up sign and mail them to Ebert and/or ABC-7. Sort of a Get Well/We Miss You thing.”

We promptly decided to steal this brilliant idea and make it our own.

We created a Flickr set called Get Well Roger and uploaded some pictures of the charming yet goofy Chicagoist writers throwing out the “thumbs up” sign to Rog. 2006_09_joannathumbs.jpgBut it’s not enough! So get out your digital camera or your cell phone and snap a picture of yourself flashing the “thumbs up” sign then add it to our Get Well Roger photo group (click on the Join This Group? link in the lower right then select Add To Group on your uploaded picture). When we get enough pictures, we’ll send them on to Ebert to let him know we’re all thinking about him.

For our money, Ebert is the top dog of movie critics and quintessentially Chicago. So the least we can do is show we’re pulling for him.

So get those thumbs in the air and cameras flashing, people! Upload ‘em to Flickr and add ‘em to the Get Well Roger group, pronto.

And keep trying to destroy all those copies of North. It’s the right thing to do.