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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden on Sep 17, 2006 6:27PM

localmusicone.jpgAs we sat down to write this week's Best of the -ists post, a car blaring "21 Questions'" passed by our house. And that started us thinking about how some of the best -ist posts out there have at their hearts questions, some of which are answered, and some of which are left open. Check out the Best of the -ists from this week, and see if you agree.

Londonist answers the questions "How much is a cab from London to Marrakech?", and "Can a monkey blog?", as well as asks "What kind of guy can get shot in the knee then cycle to the hospital?"

Phillyist asks "Is Philly truly the World's Most Hetero Friendly City?", "What are you doing for Constitution Day?", and makes this -ist correspondent ask "How can Phillyists Srtar and Jill see so many plays over one festival, yet manage to write about all of them so excellently?"

Torontoist raises an interesting question: "Why do so many of Lucas Rossi's fans seem so dumb?". They also ask "Why is the TTC's logo so old school looking?" and "How was your V-Fest?"

SFist wonders "Why can't SF's mayor settle down (ugh)?" , then offers a possible explanation. Also, "Where's the best Mexican food?"

Did you go to Austinist's Local Music is sexy party? Are you going to Austin City Limits? What does Austinist Matthew do when he sees a gun?


DCist's commenters address the question "Can good Vegan foor be found in DC?". They also ask "What hijinks will Tom Cruse get to during his visit to our city?" and "Is The Washington Post the oppressor of the people?"

Gothamist asks their readers Where were you on Sept 11, 2001?", "What are you doing to commemorate the anniversary of that day?", and "What blog posted the most inappropriate morning coverage of said anniversary?"

Houstonist asks "How far would you go to evade arrest?", "How far must one go to evade Beyonce?" and "Is there a formula for determining how far inland is safe depending on the size of a major storm or should everyone within a certain radius consider leaving?"

Chicagoist asks "Is recycling real?". They also make us wonder "Is a 'eating espresso' supposed to be good?" and answer our query "How can we let Roger Ebert know we're thinking about him?"

Seattlest asks "i have everything that i need at my place....that is where we will exceptions............. we will play at my it??????????", "Okay, Trying New Things, what have you got?", and "Why is it that all the of the really seductive ideas that are flowing out of Seattle right now and gaining currency around the country come from groups that we barely acknowledge the existence of, much less revere as city institutions?"

Rounding out our week of questions, Shanghaiist forces us to ask "Is Robbie Williams really a 'huge megastar'?", maybe not? Oh, yeah, definitely not. Oh, the drama!

All images from Austinist's Local Music Is Sexy 2 photo pool. Top image by mle210. Center image by ericuhlir.

Links compiled by SFist Eve "21 Answers" Batey