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Got $3,500,000,000 Lying Around?

By Chris Karr in News on Sep 20, 2006 7:31PM

We don't, but Motorola did before yesterday.

Apparently, in the communications device market, 3.5e9 dollars will buy you a company with its fingers in the RFID market, health care, transportation, and other spiffy places where people like to buy mobile gadgets.

The move is expected to beef up Motorola's presence in the enterprisey business markets as opposed to having any effect on their consumer-facing business that includes cellphones and cable set-top boxes. So what does a mountain of cash buy Motorola? Customized mobile computers for health care (think Palm Pilots), RFID technology (Big Brother's next favorite gizmo for tracking things using tiny radio emitters like those annoying things you randomly find in newly purchased books), and bar code readers.

Hey, it's their money, but with that mountain of wealth, we would have just kept it simple and conquered the world three and a half times.