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"Never Drink Anything Stronger Than Gin Before Breakfast"

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Sep 25, 2006 3:25PM

2006_09_martini.jpgA thread started at Metafilter last week generated a rash of discussion among seasoned drinkers. The thread's title was one that Chicagoist certainly appreciates: "There is no such thing as a chocolate martini."

Damn right there isn't! And that goes double for apple martinis. There once was a time when Chicagoist felt that anyone who insisted on pressing the issue should have had a real martini - and we're talking about gin, here - forced down his or her gullet. We're not so, um, passionate about the subject these days, most likely because such action could get us arrested. Besides, there is such a wide array of gins available for every palate these days that even folks who gag at the thought of juniper berries and anisette can enjoy the original infused spirit.

The person who started the thread asked where in Chicago were the classic cocktails made, without having to tell the bartender what goes in the drink, and with a decent selection of spirits from which the customer could choose. Some of the usual suspects were mentioned: Green Mill, Tavern on Rush, Gene & Georgetti's, Jilly's, the California Clipper, Gold Star, the Matchbox (makers of the best margarita in the city, hands down). Green Dolphin Street was also mentioned, and we'll readily admit that their martini is as heavenly as their music room is hellacious (note to this writer who thinks differently on the latter: get out of the house more).

We know that some of our readers are more opinionated than others. So we'll ask you the question: where is your favorite place to get a martini? Or a Sidecar? Or a Manhattan? Or a Negroni? (Does your favorite bar or bartender even know how to make a Negroni?) And why is this your favorite place?