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They're Coming! You're Next!

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 26, 2006 5:28PM

No, we aren't referring to the NSA, or to the Cubs' talent scouts. We here at Chicagoist feel that it's never too early to get into the Halloween spirit. And that's why tonight you'll find us at the wonderful Siskel Film Center for the 6:00 screening of the original 1956 classic 2006_09_boo.jpgInvasion of the Body Snatchers.

It's the next feature in the Tuesday night Fall Lecture Series; this semester the theme is Science Fiction Movies. Professor Jim Trainor will begin the evening with some notes about the pod people, and when the film is over give a lecture. In subsequent weeks we're looking forward to encountering such weird creatures as chestbursters (Alien), enormous insects (The Fly, and Starship Troopers) and Tom Cruise (series closer The War of the Worlds).

We here at Chicagoist never pass up a chance to catch a vintage flick in the comfy environs of the Siskel. Why just a few weeks ago, when we found ourselves dateless on a Friday night, we successfully resisted the impulse to have a pity party at home and instead caught the supercool blaxploitation flick Black Caesar. Where else can we get a medium popcorn, ice-cold Guinness (yup, they sell booze), a sci-fi classic, and food-for-thought from an Associate Professor of the School of the Art Institute for less than $20?

The lecture series often seems like a semester-long class offered to Art Institute students that's also open to the public. We get a vicarious thrill out of people-watching all the undergrads and trying to guess what their major is (Goth Boy? Sound Design. Goth Girl? Performance Art. Rail-thin tie-wearing hipster? Film/Video. Pseudo-trixie-in-training? Here on Daddy's money). It's also quite comforting to just sit back comfortably and enjoy a film lecture without having to take notes or worry about that paper due next week.

Full info at Tickets are $9 or $4 if you're a Film Center member. Every Tuesday night at 6:00 sharp. Be sure to get there early for a good seat!

Thanks, Rob!