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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Scott Smith in News on Oct 2, 2006 12:12PM

2006_0929_borat.jpg As fall settles in and another calendar page gets turned, thoughts turn from bbq's and vacations to holidays and the realization that '06 is coming to an end. With all that going on, with change in the air, we wonder what is it that made that makes the -ists ponder?

Phillyist is concerned that the war on Trans fats could affect it's beloved cheese steak sandwiches, something for which we should all be concerned. They also seem to be concerned about which subterranean creature could be responsible for a bunch of underground explosions. Also of interest is a Quest for the Holy Grail Benefit Bike Race! which just sounds like an awesome idea but do people actually ride bikes or do they pretend to while somebody walks behind them hitting a cocoanut?

Torontoist ponders a blogger who is trying to take a picture of every damn building in the city and the incompetence of the Toronto Port Authority. They also turn to bigger issues and interview the new leader of Canada's Green Party and debate whether it's okay to diss their own city. Do Canadians diss anyone?

DCist meanwhile has a lot of visitors on their minds, especially Borat of Kazakhstan who was all over the city. Not as exciting, but more of a hassle was the appearance of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and his motorcade. Thanks to DCist, if either of them visited a restaurant, they would have learned a lot about how the heirarchy of restaurant tipping and whether to tip or not.

0925chen.jpgLAist, however, is more concerned with things feminine as they pondered a feminine dye product and how does one get a date to end. They also interview mysterious blogger LA City Nerd.

Chicagoist ponders why everyone still thinks the city is gangsta and where to get the best cocktail. They also have lots of Susie Oprah news, and crow a little bit over the fact two Chicago roasters won "Roasters of the Year" awards. Suck it, Seattlest.

Bostonist ponders the fact two other tunnels now need work and if it's possible to survive without Google for a day (stupid Comcast). With the elections coming up on us, they detail the Gubernatorial debate, featuring a question by Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's wife who apparently isn't registered to vote in the state.

Over in the Lone Star State, Houstonist celebrates the fact that the Space Center made it to on the new Monopoly board and that Houston is is going to the dogs. Fortunately for Houstinist, Jesus is too-- he is, in fact, moving to the 'burbs where he could hang out with pastor Joel Osteen and his bitchy wife.

Austinist isn't quite feeling the religious vibes, but is feeling the vibe of a Howard Dean visit and Austin City Limits being called the best music show on TV. Meanwhile, the county won't pay for weight reduction surgery anymore so it makes it that much greater a car share service will be set up. And while a historic landmark is getting knocked down, the Austin Film Festival is getting ready.

Gothamist has a taping scandal not involving a high-tech company but the Attorney General and his wife. Which isn't nearly as messed up as something a real-estate broker does (it involves both Satan and poop and do you really need anything else to know whether a story is awesome or not?). And speaking of bad behavior, they also contemplate their public transportation pet peeves.

Which, in a way, is also what SFist is up to this week as they listed some of theirs too. In fact, public transportation weighed heavily this week as their Mayor whines about the public transportation in his town. Elsewhere, their Green Candidate for Congress dances and squirrels attack!

Overseas, Shanghaist missed a track meet but went to the after-party that looked way too cool for something involving track and field and went to a jazz concert where hopefully they went used one of Shanghai's most romantic Metro spots to find love. Not finding love are several political types who ran into all sorts of trouble for a pension scam and all sorts of other nefarious acts. Politicians being arrested for wrongdoing, what is the world coming to?

Parisist, meanwhile, pondered about the beauty of break dancing, how to breathe in all of those smoky French cafes, and all the wonderful Parisian blogs (French version here, bad Google translated version here).

Links compiled by SFist's Jon "NKOTB" Shurkin