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Christian Activist Upset With "Pro-Homosexual Chicago"

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Oct 3, 2006 12:08PM

Michael Marcavage, a Christian activist and Repent America* president, was accused of disrupting the Gay Games earlier this year. He says he was arrested while lawfully expressing his 2006_10_michael_marcavage.jpgpro-traditional marriage views at a gay event. The City of Chicago is pushing forward in prosecuting him.

Marcavage says, "Chicago is obviously known for its promotion of homosexuality. We already have a civil case that was filed against the city, and we have uncovered various things in doing investigations about the city, [such as] the mayor's promotion of homosexuality, of course."

What do you think? You might not agree with his views, but the dude was just holding a sign in a public space.

* You know on beer websites where you have to "Click Here if You're Over 21" or "Click Over Here if You're Not"? The Repent America site has "Click Here if You're Christian" or "Click Over Here If You're Not." Made us chuckle.