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Post of Shame: We Watched "The Bachelor: Rome"

By Rob Christopher in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 4, 2006 12:55PM

We swore that we wouldn't admit it. But yes, we watched it Monday night. Like a virgin pint of Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup that's begging to be scarfed in a single sitting, we sat there glued for two straight hours. And like that pint of ice cream, those two hours fulfilled our TV junk food quota ... until next Monday night. patemush.jpg

Out of the original twenty-five bachelorettes "competing" for the "heart" of Italian Prince Lorenzo Borghesi, three were from Chicago; however April was canned, and Rosella was bumped off too, even after tearfully revealing that she had sold her car in order to afford her gowns. No fairy tale ending for her.

How to put all this in context? A new study suggests that weekday TV watching hurts schoolwork and that children exposed to adult content engaged in "higher levels of sensation seeking and rebelliousness, (that led) to poor school performance." Granted this study involved middle school students. But two important questions remain: are we really adults if we slobber over a show like "The Bachelor" each week, and does "The Bachelor" really count as adult programming?

We'll do our best to wean ourselves from this mindless habit. Actually one of our girlfriends auditioned for this round, but apparently she was too caustic for them. It makes us sad because she would have yanked hair and made snarky, horrific comments.

Remember Andrew from Season 3? He's been hawking his family's wine at Sam's Club in Elmhurst, among other places. Pour us a big glass.