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Decent Days and Nights

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 9, 2006 12:45PM

We were gonna start these Decent Days & Nights off Sunday with some dancing at Scissor Sisters, but instead we got our fix of "Desperate Housewives." We guess that everyone is trying to hit the Midwest before the snow starts flying, which may not be that far away, because there are an insane number of great shows happening this week.

200610_secretmachines.jpgThis week offers something for our ever-changing moods. On Monday, we may feel like being on the cutting edge. Finally, getting to see what all those bloggers have been talking about (forever, it seems now). So we'll head over to the Metro to see TV on the Radio and realize that the "underground" seems to be so much bigger now because the show's sold out. We'll hang out for a while and then give up on that scalping stuff -- they can't be worth that much over the ticket price. We know we'll still be trendy and cool, because there are still tickets available for Secret Machines. Weren't all the cool kids the ones who saw them play at the Darkroom around Lollapalooza? Yeah, that's our choice. It's too late for TV on the Radio and our love. They've sold out. They're not like the Secret Machines playing the cooler, hipper, okay -- cleaner Park West. We just like cleanliness a little more now. It can't be because we procrastinated and didn't buy tickets for TV on the Radio, again. TV on the Radio, Metro, Monday, 9:00 p.m., 18+, Sold Out. The Secret Machines, Park West, Monday, 7:30 p.m., All Ages, $20.

Oh no, we've become an aging, nostalgic hipster. Never fear! We've got that mood covered this week, too. Remember the Gear Daddies? This will be the closest thing to them that we'll get to hear for awhile. How do we miss the reunion shows in Minneapolis every single time? Martin Zeller plays acoustic (not the Neil Diamond shit) on Tuesday night at Schuba's at 8:00 p.m. It's perfect for our aging hipster selves -- we'll feel right at home, and we can grab a cab to make it home for almost a full night's sleep. Martin Zellar, Schuba's, Tuesday, 8:00 p.m, 21+, $15.

Or, we can shelve our inner aging hipster until Thursday for Art Brut with We are Scientists at the Metro. For $17, we get the young blood carrying on and the guys that came them before still out there doing their thing. It's just like us. We've come to terms with the fact that we're never going to make any money, so we better enjoy what we do. Art Brut, Metro, Thursday, 9:00 p.m., 18+, $17.

2006_10_stones.jpgNow, the next two choices will be bold steps without admitting that we're old, but they can be justified easily without having to admit that. First, we'll pretend we came into the tickets somehow. XRT or work - whatever that doesn't matter. But, we just couldn't miss (now this works for both Beck and the Rolling Stones, or really, now that we think about it - any show that doesn't fit our hipster image - so just insert the band name) HERE for free. (No one will ever argue, they'll just ask if they can come along.) And the second justification is that it's BAND NAME! It will be fun. It won't be disappointing. These are entertainers, they know what they're doing. They've defined drunken nights for every single one of us. Relive that! We're not that old, we like them because our parents played them all the time, right? Right? Rolling Stones with Elvis Costello, Soldier Field, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., $79 - $450. Beck, UIC Pavilion, Saturday, 8:00 p.m., $35.

Then, of course, we'll realize that we really can't do this anymore like we used to. But that'll never stop us from trying. Because next week doesn't look too shabby either.

Decent Days and Nights is an ever-so-brief look at shows in the week ahead that we think are worth noting, for one reason or another. It will run each Monday (or Tuesday when it's a lazy holiday weekend). Feel free to note your own plans in comments.