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Music Box To Screen Michael Moore's New Favorite Movie

By Scott Smith in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 10, 2006 5:30PM

After debuting to controversy and yawns at the Toronto International Film Festival, the pseudo-documentary Death of a President, featuring the faked assassination of President Bush, is rapidly turning into a marketing agency’s wet dream.

2006_10_bushshot.jpgNewmarket Films is striking while the iron is hot and attempting to get the film into theaters while people are still talking about how CONTROVERSIAL it is, in hopes that those voices will scream louder than the ones who say it’s a bit BORING. The country’s largest theater chain, Regal Entertainment Group has refused to show the film, which sparked yet another round of publici … er, follow-up stories. The company has holdings here so local cinemagoers in Crystal Lake, Lake Zurich, Round Lake Beach and the non-aquatic suburb of Linconshire will have to drive into the big bad city to view it.

The Trib’s Michael Phillips reports today that the Music Box will screen the locally-shot Death of a President on October 27. This makes sense, really. We’ve seen actual porn there before, so seeing liberal porn there isn’t much of a surprise.

Landmark Theaters was reportedly interested in screening the film, though we doubt the mighty AMC Entertainment would have gone near it with a ten-foot box of popcorn after its handling of The Aristocrats.