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Register! Do It Now!

By Alicia Dorr in News on Oct 10, 2006 5:04PM

Hey, have you registered to vote lately? We're just checking because the voter registration deadline for Cook County is upon us ... as in, today.

Yes, yes, we realize that while you were trying to figure out if Stroger really does look like Urkel or whether foie gras is that thing you did one drunken night with vote.jpgyour roommates in college, registering had plum slipped your mind. But don't worry; if as you read this you realize that despite all your whining about the state of things in Chicago you forgot to do the one thing in your power to affect change, it's not too late. Registration cards are valid if postmarked today.

On top of that, thanks to the new "grace-period registration and voting" law (yes, it is desperation you smell), you have until October 24 to register, but only in person at the Cook County Clerk's downtown Chicago office (69 W. Washington St., Room 500). If you opt for this, you will have to vote absentee or at the Clerk's office when you register. One-stop shopping!

For those of you who have moved in the last year (which we're willing to bet is a lot of you), you can change your registration by writing your new addy on the back of your current card or go down to the aforementioned office and do it in person. We're not trying to be self-righteous (and, inevitably, dorky) like MTV or anything, but we kind of hope you do, you know, vote. Good luck, and godspeed.