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The Race to Somewhere

By Kevin Robinson in News on Oct 10, 2006 2:00PM

Not much has been going on here on the local scene lately. Chicagoist has been hoping we could turn the page on the whole Foley thing, but it just won't go away. In fact, other than cheap shots and lost opportunities, the natives have been pretty quiet.

The Sun-Times leads off the show this morning with a poll released by Peraica showing that he is leading Todd Stroger in the polls. This contradicts the poll the Sun-Times did last month that shows the opposite. Both camps declared that they would win.

It's been mostly run-of-the-mill shenanigans in the city council. One of the lesser-known Aldermen is accused of steering a real-estate deal in exchange for $5000 worth of interior redecorating. It's not even a new allegation.

In spite of the silliness going on with the Council, there was a ray of hope at City Hall last week, as Mayor Daley appointed State Senator Miguel Del Valle to the City Clerk's office. The Sun-Times got around to saying that they thought he was a-ok yesterday, even if they did it in a backhanded sort of way.

Blagojavech and Topinka will have no more debates. About all you can expect from gubernatorial candidates at this point (besides more sniping and negative ads) is a continuation of a series of interviews before the Tribune's Editorial Board. Guess who they're gonna endorse?

Oh well. Maybe Carol Marin will have something interesting for us on Wednesday.