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We Need a Hero to Save Us

By Matt Wood in News on Oct 10, 2006 12:16PM

chicagoist_200610_mightymou.jpgWe have lots of fun here with our This Week in Stupid posts, but wouldn't it be nice if there were enough good deeds like this for a This Week in Heroism feature? It could have its own theme song by Nickelback and everything.

Anthony Pearl was driving near Wacker and Congress early this morning when he saw a Jeep roll over and catch fire. He stopped his car, ran over to help, and cut two men out of their seatbelts with a pocket knife, just before the Jeep exploded. After that he grabbed a fire extinguisher and called the fire department. Then, he climbed up a nearby tree, saved two kittens, and fed worms to a starving baby bird from his own mouth. Okay, we made up that last part, but isn't the first part enough? Get that guy a medal.