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Drugs, DVDs – What More Could You Want?

By Hanna Aronovich in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 12, 2006 12:53PM

Walgreens%2520logo.jpgWe don’t have much time or patience, and really, who does? And, when we walk into a store, we want to cross everything off our shopping list in one swoop. So, it doesn’t sound like too terrible an idea that Walgreen’s is planning to offer DVD rental vending machines (would you like some Zoolander with your Zyrtec?).

The Tribune reported that Walgreen’s is teaming with Redbox Automated Retail to test DVD vending machines in 38 Chicago-area stores. The flicks can be rented for $1 with a credit or debit card. rent_02.jpg

Introduced last month, the DVD offerings are Walgreen’s way of competing as other national retailers (cough, Wal-Mart) muscle into the prescription drug business.

The vending machines hold up to 500 DVDs and include popular movies and TV series. Redbox has already been tested in 800 McDonald’s locations, although none in Chicago. Walgreen’s is slowly moving the technology in and bringing the vending machines to nine Chicago stores and 10 suburban locations.

So, will the DVD vending machines prove to be a success? Some appreciate the convenience, and a dollar a movie makes it a cheap, impulse buy. However, rentals are only for one night (due back by 7 p.m.), and each additional night is another dollar – which could add up if you’re not on the ball. Oh, and if the store you rented from is closed, you’re out of luck. Yeah, we’ll stick with Netflix, thanks.