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Fans SHIVE(RED) as Oprah and Bono IGNO(RED) Them

By Joanna Miller in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 12, 2006 8:02PM

2006_10_12oprahbono.jpgWhat do you get when you combine Oprah fans, Bono fans, Gap fans and unseasonably cold weather, and snow? You get a whole bunch of angry people, that’s what you get.

Bono and Oprah were scheduled to make an appearance at the Gap at Ohio and Michigan as part of the retailer’s PRODUCT(RED) campaign. You’ve probably seen the ads around town featuring people like Steven Spielberg and Dakota Fanning with annoying taglines like “INSPI(RED).”

Michael Shostack at The Halting Point gives all the details on a promotion that left crowds of people ANGE(RED) and BOTHE(RED).

The campaign is part of a larger effort to raise money to fight AIDS in Africa, which is great and everything, but if the whole thing is as disorganized as today’s event, those people are in even more trouble than we thought. Shostack says Oprah and Bono showed up almost two hours after they were scheduled to arrive, only to be whisked into the building to the dismay of their freezing fans whose views were mostly HINDE(RED) by Gap employees dressed in red.

Chicagoist doesn’t have much sympathy for anyone who has the time or the desire to stand out in the cold for hours for a glimpse of Oprah and Bono. Some of us have jobs, people.

We saw Stedman Graham (aka Mr. Oprah) at Fox & Obel yesterday, and, to be honest, we were standing in line, but only to get a delicious turkey, cranberry and Brie sandwich.

We do however feel bad for the poor fools who were just trying to get their hands on one of those puffy Gap parkas. That must have been really frustrating.

Photo by Michael Shostack, copyright 2006, courtesy of The Halting Point