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Operation Gimme Some Loot

By Kevin Robinson in News on Oct 12, 2006 1:20PM

If you live or work in the Loop, you may have noticed a whole bunch of military helicopters zipping around Hutchesen field this week. That was Bush's advance team, warming up for his afternoon fundraiser today for struggling candidates Peter Roskam and David McSweeny. He's expected to pulling about $500,000 for those two, but many suspect that Bush is also going to be shoring up Dennis Hastert.

Chicagoist always likes a fun distraction during the day, so we'll probably we looking out the window a lot today watching for choppers and sirens and stuff. Out super-secret inside sources tell us that a series of helicopters will be coming, each staggered a few minutes apart, all alike. That way you can't tell which one has the actual president on it (in case you wanted to shoot him down [WTF!?!]).

Nevertheless, he's landing at Hutchesen field around noon, and should be appearing at McCormick Place. If you get a lunch break, you should go say hi!