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Say Goodbye to Twista Lime Cigarettes

By Laura Oppenheimer in News on Oct 12, 2006 7:32PM

Fans of Mandarin Mint, Kauai Kolada, and Warm Winter Toffee cigarettes should start stocking up now, as these cigarettes are in their last days. Yesterday, in a news conference from Chicago’s West Side, Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that R. J. Reynolds had agreed to a settlement that would prohibit them from selling cigarettes with candy, fruit, or alcoholic beverage names. Under the terms of the agreement, Camel, Kool and Salem can still produce flavored cigarettes; they just can’t be sold with the delicious sounding names.
The settlement was reached after Madigan and New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer began an investigation into potential violations of an existing settlement with big tobacco from 1998. At the press conference, Madigan said "In marketing their flavored cigarettes, what Reynolds did was really to lure our youth into smoking by enticing them with candy and candy flavors."

President and COO of R.J. Reynolds Lynn J. Beasley responded with a written statement worthy of Thank You For Smoking. "We recognize that the past use of certain names on a limited number of our brand styles resulted in unintended perceptions and concerns."

Unintended perceptions? Somehow, we don’t believe these were unintended. According to the Illinois Coalition Against Tobacco, the average age to become a daily smoker is 14.5 years right around the age that a cigarette named after an alcoholic drink might sound extra appealing. An additional aspect of the agreement prohibits R.J. Reynolds from distributing “scratch and sniff” advertisements or promotions, as these too appeal to minors.

For those who can’t stand to give up their Margarita Mixer smokes, flavored cigarettes will still be available at Marshall McGearty Lounge in Wicker Park, which is - you guessed it - owned by R. J. Reynolds.