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Elsewhere in the Ist-a-verse

By Rachelle Bowden in News on Oct 15, 2006 3:56PM

061009_latelierduchocolat1.jpgLet's look back at a week in which no site in the -ist network adopted anyone from Africa...

-Austinist reveled in the dumb antics of some U.T. law students and posted some great audio from former New Orleans natives who've decided to stay in Austin. But the best news for Austinist? They were voted Best Local Entertainment Web Site by the local Austin alt-weekly. Congrats, Austinist.

-DCist gloried in being told their musical tastes made them pretty, ran in drag, and played Shelby Foote in the great Kickball Wars.

-Chicagoist wondered about the new trend of gastropubs, unveiled the new non-sucky logo for their cities Olympic bid, and got into a fight then made up with Richard Marx. The Richard Marx. Does it get any awesomer than that? We think not.

-Phillyist was full of love as they loved some pictures of buildings lit up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an interview with Dan Savage, and their Eagles.

-Torontoist chided a local TV reporter for ripping off their post about a breakfast sandwich, got to the bottom of a claim of racism from a popular local hip-hop artist, and redesigned some shwag for their transit system.

-Parisist had the scoop on stripping classes, ate some super yummy chocolate and macaroons and wore some jewelry made to look like chocolate (in French).

-SFist railed against the media as they discussed a news anchor who said stupid things and a Fox TV show host who called out a local columnist. They also watched an episode of When Debates Go Wrong.

-Gothamist was all over the plane that crashed into the Manhattan high-rise, defended a "Saturday Night Live" skit (somebody has to), showed the perils of what happens when you try and take pictures of a secret bar, and celebrated the not-firing of Joe Torre.

-LAist had politics on their mind as they had a photo essay on post-Katrina New Orleans, discussed animal lab testing at UCLA, and had a contributor elected councilmember of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council. Who said blogging could never amount to anything?

-Shanghaiist uncovered the local lesbian scene, tried to uncover more of the big financial scandal by channeling Elmer Fudd, and can't even begin to uncover anything about the Chinese government banning Jay-Z from performing in Shanghai.

Photo by Parisist Robyn.

Written by SFist Jon