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Larry, Curly & Moe Are in Town? Oh, Not Those Stooges.

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 17, 2006 8:47PM

2006_10_stooges.jpgRecording their first album in thirty-three years, the revamped Stooges are in town recording at Steve Albini’s home away from home, Electrical Audio. Over the last two weeks or so, Mr. Albini has been getting quite the press. His business is profiled in a Crain’s series regarding music and the bottom line, he’s the subject in Bob Mehr’s piece “The Plumber”, and now the MSM has decided to jump in and talk about our indie wunderkind. (The Reader and Crain's articles are really great, so if there's some time that needs to be filled until 5 o'clock...)

Rumors of Jack White playing and/or producing with the Stooges have been floating about, as has the idea that Brendan Benson may lend some vocals. It would sure be hard to get those two in the same studio. Speaking of the rumors, Steve had this to say:

I really have no idea. … There may be a point where an Edwardian carriage pulls up in front of the studio and Jack White and his footmen step out. By the way, I’ve never used the word "footmen" in conversation before.

So if Iggy Pop, Brendan Benson, and Jack White show up at Bluelight, we all know why.