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School Forbids Kid to Unnaturally Slap Other Kids' Behinds

By Shannon in News on Oct 21, 2006 7:17PM

South suburban high school District 228 has had its fair share of problems lately. First there was the fake video made by the district's superintendent. Rich Mitchell received a suspension for that little bit of shenanigans, about which he is suing, claiming sexual discrimination because he's openly gay. Sure. Post a joke video on your district's website asking your employees if they kill for fun and what drugs they're on at the moment, then play the homophobia card. A tad farfetched, wethinks.

Now a specific high school within District 228, Oak Forest H.S., has gotten its parent into trouble again. Earnest Bryant is suing the district for a cool $5 million, saying Oak Forest discriminates against his son Chori. Chori's a junior on the varsity football squad but apparently never plays. The elder Bryant alleges that his son is "forbidden" to play ball and that he's harassed because he's black. Oak Forest's athletic director retorts that there are several minority players on the team. (We tend to wonder how many minorities constitute "several" in this case.)

What colors us confused is that according to the article, Chori's been on the team since freshman year ... and he's just now not being allowed to play? How does that work? Principal David Wilson says Chori can't play because school officials don't know where the Bryants live. So the school admits they're not letting him participate, but considering Earnest Bryant claims he's given officials several key documents telling exactly where he lives, Wilson's excuse sounds more like a flimsy pretext for something else. Factor in the other minority players on the team, and we draw the conclusion that hey, maybe they just don't like the kid for who he is, not because of his race. How refreshing!

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