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Big Rod to Little Todd: BFF

By Kevin Robinson in News on Oct 23, 2006 4:35PM

Chicagoist found this little gem in the Tribune yesterday, and it got us to thinking about strategy. Because, ya know, it's like a little over 2 weeks to an election.

If the facts in this article are to be believed, there are several assumptions that can be made: First is that Todd Stroger's campaign thinks they are on the edge, and that they have to get the fucking vote out if they want to win. The second assumption is that they are low on cash, and want to do one last advertising push before the election. The third assumption is that Peraica's camp has a solid organization in place to get voters out. With early voting already going on, it's a safe bet that both campaigns have some sort of GOTV operation going on right now, and they are counting up the votes they got in already.

Rod_Todd.jpgWilliam Beavers is already counting on a heavy turnout in the black wards in Chicago to rack up the votes he needs to sucessfully execute his master plan. But Peraica is going to be working the suburbs hard, and turning out the white ethnic wards too. It's a given that Blagojevich is going to carry the city, but he needs the black vote in the South Side wards to stay ahead of Big Red, and Stroger's camp can use every white vote they get.

As we get closer to the election, watch how tight Rod and Todd get -- it'll tell you what the Stroger camp is thinking. But don't doubt that Blago's camp will call the shots -- Stroger's still the bitch in this race, and there are bigger players working behind the scenes. Regardless of how much cash Big-gift-o-vich hands over to the Toddler, the real test on election day is how well the South Side machine that William Beavers built works, and how much he can sell entre to it for access to the machine on the North Side.