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William Beavers Taking Political Advice From Don Corleone?

By Kevin Robinson in News on Oct 24, 2006 3:30PM

Chicagoist doesn't ususually go in for the rough talk. We like it smooth. Easy. Gentle, baby.

But we've had enough of this shit. Not only is Bill "I think I'm the Godfather" Beavers trying to extort Blagojevich for $100,000 in campaign money by threatening him with the black vote, he's also gone ahead and built up a little slush fund for him and his buddies to use. The Governor basically told the Toddler to shove it, 'cause he's the Guv and he calls the shots.

2006_10_corelone.jpgBill Beavers is a bad guy. He runs that 7th Ward like it's his own fifedom. He runs around the city and acts like he's a hustler and he threatens other people like he's a power broker. And now not only has he orchestrated his way into John Stroger's old seat on the County Board, he's set it up so he can't lose. See, he gets to run the board through the Toddler if Stroger wins, and he gets to run for the Presidency in four years if Stroger loses. And in either case, he's got a big enough war chest to do it. While Chicagoist can be as jaded and cynical about local politics as the next guy, this is beyond the pale for even us. We don't know what's sadder: the gross manipulation of the system, or knowing that Todd Stroger is too dumb to get it. When you're getting bad press in what should be at least sympathetic media, when Peraica's camp is acting like they are within striking distance, when all the conventional wisdom is saying you might lose this one, you play dumb and let your political handler raise a second pot of cash for himself for later!?

Chicagoist never liked Stroger. Either one of them. But at least we could respect the old man. This time around though, it's like watching a little kid playing a game way out of his league. And knowing that no matter what happens, he's going down.