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Cell Phone Slingers Shooting Blanks

By Matt Wood in News on Oct 25, 2006 1:15PM

chicagoist_200610_sperm.jpgPeople who want to ban cell phone use in all manner of public places may have just gotten all the scientific justification they need, for guys anyway: a recent study linked cell phone use with sterility. Research carried out in Mumbai, India, showed a 40 percent drop in sperm production for men who talk on a cell phone for more than four hours a day.

The study doesn't offer conclusive explanations for the cause of this reduction in swimmers. The lead researcher suggests that maybe it's electromagnetic radiation or heat, but one dissenting scientist points out that in that case, having the phone out of the pocket and away from the boys is that much is better. Following that line of reasoning, only misanthropes like Chicagoist who get approximately two calls a day would be in danger instead. Besides, dudes who use their phone that much also tend to be the belt-clip, Bluetooth headset kind of guys, whereas the non-talkers are most likely to hide their phones discreetly in their pockets.

Whatever the reason, ladies, if you're hunting for potential mates, don't let that jackass jawing away about his next million-dollar deal fool you with his facade of virility. The guy in the corner quietly reading the book is hotter anyway, plus now you know he's packing more heat where it counts.