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Natarus Says: No More Fun

By Kevin Robinson in Miscellaneous on Oct 27, 2006 1:35PM

There's dancing going on in Chicago. And Burt Natarus has had enough of it!!

In a speech given to Business Affairs and Licensing Director Scott Bruner at City Council budget hearings Wednesday, Natarus pointed to "people from all over the state [coming] into the city on a Friday and Saturday night and raise havoc," and demanding that the city put the breaks on promoters.

editorial_policy.jpgNatarus accused "promoters" of bringing death and destruction to our fair city, in the form of dancing on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Chicagoist doesn't know too much about dancing, promoters, or shootings (except the Cabbage Patch -- we were always good at that). But we suspect that ol' Uncle Burt probably doesn't get out much past 9 p.m., and if he does, the only dancing he does is the Waltz at some stuffy old people's place. And it probably doesn't help his spirit toward the young too much that a smart-ass city blog insists on using the same picture every time they mention him.

Nevertheless, cracking down on these "renegade" promoters that are importing mayhem into the city probably won't stop any of the shootings that are happening. We're just glad Uncle Burt will still let us dance at Lolla!