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Halloween Hijinx

By Scott Smith in News on Oct 31, 2006 2:19PM

2006_10_ggw.jpgHalloween is here, a time when you can show off your creativity as well as the parts of you that are usually only seen by a board-certified physician. WGN says the top costumes this year are princess, pirate, witch and Spider-Man. Last year's favorites were tinker, tailor, soldier and spy.

If you haven’t made your plans yet, Centerstage Chicago has a tidy guide with costume tips, food ideas and recommendations for a sober or sauced Halloween. The Trib's Mark Caro links to some scary movie lists, and Chicago Police are making sure all the guys that Dateline didn't catch aren't handing treats out to kids. Also, Old Man Zorn offers these rules for trick-or-treating. He also says to get off his lawn or he's calling the police.

Rev. James Meeks's Salem Baptist Church is, um, celebrating Halloween by sending kids through “Nights of Terror” filled with horrors like an abortion clinic. Ah, swell. What a great way to introduce the community to your work. We’re sure this won’t turn people off to organized religion AT ALL. Especially when you lump Buddhists in with pedophiles. 2006_10_seanyeeha.jpgWay to go, Rev. Meeks. Damn shame you’re not running for governor so we could have the pleasure of not voting for you.

Judging from the sights we saw this weekend, we figure most of you had your “adult” Halloween fun already and will be staying home to pass out treats to cute kids like these or ensure that your trees don’t get TP’ed.

Or maybe we’re wrong. How DO you spend Halloween night? More importantly, did you dress up in costume for work?