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Stupid Weather Ruins Memory of Great Weather

By Alicia Dorr in News on Oct 31, 2006 6:45PM

Yesterday we walked outside and couldn't believe our senses. We walked back inside. We ice2.jpgcame back out and - behold! - it really was sunny and mild! We had almost forgotten how awesome fall could be. We even held out some hope for the trick-or-treaters today.

Alas, Mother Nature is one cruel-ass bitch. Sure, you could blame it on Chicago, the wind, the "wait five minutes and it will change" Midwestern weather reality, but we know it was her. She decided to drop the weather in Chicago about 20 degrees, and it's not going to end there. Expect to be shivering in your bunks by Thursday. Snow!? And highs of less than 40! We have even seen the word "gusts."

What the hell happened to fall? We could use a little more time with the changing leaves and all that. This whole weather change, as they say, is whack.

Image via Wright-flyer.