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Hump Day Political Round-Up

By Kevin Robinson in News on Nov 1, 2006 2:53PM

Whew! What a week it's been in politics, and it's only Wednesday! Chicagoist has lotsa political tidbits for you today, so saddle up little buckaroo, and let's ride out!

childhorse.jpg* Rich Whitney got endorsed by a newspaper! It seems that we here in Chicago aren't the only ones fed up with the nonsense going on in the governor's race. The Editorial Board of the Rockford Register found the Green Party candidate to be both credible and a smart choice given the shenanigans of both major-party candidates.

* Blagojevich’s wife has been "accused" of "questionable" earning in real-estate deals, thanks to her husband’s political clout. Big Rod shot back, charging those who would accuse his Patty of such unlady-like behavior with being “Neanderthals” and “sexists.” We don’t see how that makes sense, but he’s obviously not seen the Geico commercial.

* Speaking of the Governor’s race, have you seen the negative ads? We’re sure you have. Eric Zorn did. And he didn’t like them, not one bit. But rather than just complain about them, he wrote a column about it. And you know what? Chicagoist agrees with him. But we still think Roeper is a tool.

* The South Side's Salem Baptist church ran their third annual “Nights of Terror,” showing visitors what hell looks like if you don’t live right. Lest you think this has nothing to do with politics, Rev. James Meeks is a State Senator, and almost ran for against Blagojevich for Governor.

* John McCain came to the 6th District to stump for Peter Roskam. Even though McCain has a reputation as a maverick, and Roskam is pretty much a party loyalist, they seemed to enjoy each other's company.

* We figured it was just a matter of time before one of the mainstream media outlets picked up on Tim Nieukirk and his unconventional candidacy for governor and took him to the next level, but we didn't think it would take this long. Chicagoist thinks he's hilarious, and he gets credit for filing the paperwork to be an actual write-in candidate. (OMG!) Check out his MySpace here and his You Tube here, and buy his shit here.

* Burt Natarus is still an old fart. And he gets confused about what he has voted for.