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Decent Days and Nights

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 6, 2006 11:12PM

First off, we regret to announce that Favourite Sons have pulled out of their show at The Empty Bottle tonight. Bummer, huh? Here's the official word as to why:

Favourite Sons have to cancel their upcoming shows. The band is extremely disappointed to have to do so, but singer Ken Griffith has fallen ill and simply cannot continue on until this clears up - even singing has become painful due to his upper respiratory situation. The overwhelming support from press and fans for this tour has made the band ecstatic, which in turn, makes them all the more saddened to have to cancel. They will reschedule and we will notify you of those make up dates as they come.

2006_11_thunderwing.jpgWell, all is not lost tonight. We make no secret of the fact that we feel the compulsion, well, it’s more of a need, to get all Detroit-rock-city from time to time. And we don’t mean we go searching out KISS cover bands, not that we’re against that sort of thing. No, we mean the hot-n-sweaty, mutton-chopped groove that seems to crop up in such abundance with the stink of motor oil in its riffs. Chicago’s Thunderwing does a fine job of conjuring up just that sort of working-class rock and/or roll and crossing it with just the right amount of Southern boogie to keep everyone's hips nice 'n' greased up.
Subterranean, Tonight, 9 p.m., $6, 21+.

We love OK Go, even if they did move to L.A. We still consider them friends and are always happy to see them and talk to them when they’re in town. Don’t expect to see any treadmills on the stage as they return to Chicago this week, but do expect a super-tight live show honed by non-stop touring and an infectious enthusiasm that explains why the group has such a strong rapport with their fans. We’ll be there front and center throwing the person next to us’ panties at the stage. Rock and/or roll wedgies all around!
Logan Square Auditorium, Thursday (Friday is sold out), 8 p.m., $17, All Ages.

We’re not sure exactly why Robert Pollard broke up Guided By Voices, since he still seems to be releasing the same number of albums a year, and they still sound an awful lot like … Guided By Voices. His latest, Normal Happiness, has been touted as his “pop” album, presumably in response to his previous disc From A Compound Eye. Personally we think both albums sound exactly the same. No matter, he tends to put on an engaging live show, and if you get thirsty during his set he might even give you a beer or twelve.
The Abbey, Friday, 10 p.m., $20, 21+.

Soul Asylum is playing Double Door this Saturday. No, we’re not joking. Seriously. Stop laughing!

Actually, and we are being serious here, the band is touring behind their first album since founding bassist Karl Mueller passed away, and it’s probably the best thing they’ve done since signing to a major label in the '90s. Don’t mistake this praise as some sort of claim that they’ve returned to the thrash and glory of their Twin/Tone years, but do take it to mean that the band has successfully avoided embarrassing themselves by creating an album that should please the XRT set to no end. Plus, we always thought the band was strongest on-stage and we don’t think age will have dulled those live flashes of bratty brilliance.
Double Door, Saturday, 9 p.m., $15, 21+.

Thunderwing photo by Alison Krick