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Election Day, When the Elderly Can Really Shine!

By Kevin Robinson in News on Nov 6, 2006 3:00PM

Here at the Chicagoist offices, we have an entire staff dedicated to gathering all the news and information about elections for you. In all of the craziness of this election season, we want to remind you that going out to vote is more than just a right, it's your civic responsibility. Selecting who will make all the big decisions that will affect your life for the next few years is really important. And if you plan ahead, the bars being closed won't even slow you down!

election_day.jpgWhile Chicagoist makes no claims regarding the agenda or opinions expressed by this group, the Women’s Donor Network has a great portal to help you find out if you are registered, and where your polling place is. And just in case you are worried about some evil corporation stealing this election, the Cook County Clerks office has a great explanation of how they've worked to make sure there is a viable paper trail of your vote.

For more detailed, local information about where you can go to vote, who's on the ballot, and a copy of voting instructions in Chinese, the Board of Election Commissioners of the City of Chicago can point you in the right direction. You can even get election results for past elections.

Still not sure who your going to vote for? Not to worry -- there is no shortage of people out there with a broadband connection and blogging software that will gleefully tell you what to think. For more factual, deliberate, and thought-out opinions, you can check with the two major papers here in Chicago. There are also lots of organizations that analyze candidates based on their positions: Work for a living? Like to get high? Give a damn about the environment? Own a gun? And don't forget, if you are curious about Green Party candidate for Governor Rich Whitney, Chicagoist did an interview with him last week.

After you've cast your ballot, if you find yourself feeling nostalgic for some negative campaign ads, the Washington Post has a great archive of political advertising. But you have to go here to watch Willie Horton.

We hope you'll tell us about your voting experience and plans. And at the end of Election Day 2006, we want you to come join us at the Daily Bar & Grill in Lincoln Square, at 4560 N. Lincoln Ave., where we'll be getting shitfaced and watching the election returns. We'll be there from 6 till whenever, so come say hi.