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O'Hare Tough Guys Offer JetBlue a Knuckle Sandwich

By Alicia Dorr in News on Nov 7, 2006 3:46PM

The immediate reactions to the arrival of JetBlue as JETBLUE.jpganother option for flights from O'Hare are sort of surprising us. On one hand, we're pretty damn excited at the prospect of hitching a ride to New York for less than $60, but on the other, well, who knew about the seedy underbelly of O'Hare politics?

Despite the fact that JetBlue will only have seven* flights a day total, the established carriers are already doing all they can to match its prices, give it the cold shoulder, and place "kick me" signs on its CEO's back. Its CEO must think this is pretty funny (like we do) because he has been nonchalant about the scare tactics.

Because the low-cost carrier generally attracts average consumers who want friendly staff, Dunkin' Donuts coffee and cheap fares - read: "People who let their children use the ball room at McDonald's" - the competition shouldn't be as cruel. United and other carriers out of O'Hare attract more daily business fliers - read: "People who don't like children throwing little plastic balls at their head while they eat" - because of the frequency and type of flights. Then again, who could resist their trans-fat-free snacks (read: "trans-fart-free" on Google News today, which we got a kick out of)?

Well, we're just excited about the lower fares. Cheaper trips from Chicago to New York especially will make it easier and cheaper to fly abroad, which we've always been meaning to do. We hope the dominant airlines at O'Hare don't pick on JetBlue too bad, causing it to pack up and move out. Buncha bullies.

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*Correction!: JetBlue will have seven flights, rather than five, as reported earlier and in other, lesser publications. Just kidding. Anyway, thanks to JetBlue for letting us know!