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When in Doubt, Throw Rock Out

By Hanna Aronovich in News on Nov 7, 2006 1:26PM

Chicagoist has always enjoyed the rainy-day activities. Too blustery outside to play baseball? How about a heated game of Tic Tac Toe? And, don’t even think you could beat us at Hangman. So, color us surprised that we never realized we could take it to the professional level.

2006_11_rps.jpgRock Paper Scissors is more than just a way to call who goes first in kickball. It’s an actual competitive event. And, Chicago’s representing!

CBS reported Chicago gym teacher Jason Kieronski is heading to Toronto to compete in the 2006 World RPS Championships. He’s competing against more than 500 other players for first prize of about $6,206 ($7,000 Canadian).

The World RPS Society hosts the tournament. Founded in London in 1842, the society was originally named the Paper Scissors Stone Club. The society today is dedicated to promoting Rock Paper Scissors as a fun and safe way to resolve disputes. If only world leaders relied on such methods to settle disagreements.

Beyond conflict resolution, Rock Paper Scissors has numerous benefits. “Playing RPS probably won’t make you rich and famous,” the World RPS Society admits. “Chances are good you won’t win an Olympic gold medal. And it’s not likely to improve your physique, maximize your sex appeal, jump-start your career or expand your memory.”

Then why play? Because of the life lessons you can learn. According to the society, “Many players have found that studying RPS gives them a greater understanding of how gaming relates to human behavior. RPS can help you find success … not just in RPS, but in every area of your life.”

Feeling lucky? You can compete against Kieronski in this video. He even offers advice, such as "there's never a bad time to play Rock Paper Scissors" - apparently not even while driving. Let's throw, bitches!