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That's Why They Stay up There

By Jocelyn Geboy in News on Nov 8, 2006 10:49PM

In the last five years or so, we've heard a lot more about people travelling to Alaska in the summer, and taking cruises and vacations which always sound incredible. At least our friends and acquaintances always come back laden with amazing pictures.

And even though we're fairly sure we'd get suicidal or become a major drunken addict through the winter months, the people who make Alaska their home were given one more reason to leave the contiguous forty-eight the hell alone this week.

Visitors from Alaska were downtown on Monday, overlooking the Chicago River, when they saw something that caught their eye. "Oh, look honey! Those crazy Chicagoans really keep the party going .... See? There's still a fake Halloween dead body in the river!!" "Yeah, Betty, that sure is something. Maybe they tossed it off one of those architectural tour boats. Kind of like when they turn the river green for ...."

2006_11drowning.jpgUmm, no. It was a real dead body. A body that, according to a sergeant, "had been there [in the water] for a while." Now, we have been pleasantly blessed to have never seen a real dead body, much less one that has been in water. From what we have been told, it's horrific. What water does to a body is not to be forgotten.

So much for a nice stroll along the river. As far as the man and the tragedy that befell him is concerned, police are still investigating whether or not the drowning was an accident, a murder or a suicide.

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