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In a Blue State of Mind

By Kevin Robinson in News on Nov 9, 2006 2:50PM

Chicagoist is grinning ear to ear after all the stunning news that hit us yesterday. In this most nationally-minded of elections, not only have the Democrats taken the House of Representitives, they have also taken control of the Senate, with the AP calling Virginia for Jim Webb last night. On top of that, Donald Rumsfeld has resigned (the day after the election!!!), and Dennis Hastert announced that he is stepping down from the GOP leadership in congress as well.

Both Montana and Virginia unseated incumbent Republicans in close, close races. The Republican Party actually pulled the plug on both Pennsylvania and Ohio so they could put more resources into staving off the challenge in Montana and Virginia, virtually ensuring Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine would lose. The most shocking thing was seeing the GOP pull out of swing states to defend their ground in traditional conservative strongholds. That's never a good sign.

While we're still basking in the glow of the other night, we'd like to take a minute to join in the national fantasy: we hope that there will be a quick and orderly withdrawl from Iraq, and that the senseless killing and violence over there will stop. We hope that healthcare will become more affordable for all Americans. We hope that the budget gets balanced, and that out leaders take real and substantive action on climate change. We hope that true immigration reform will come in the next two years, and all of our friends and their families that came here for a better life can stop hiding in the shadows of the economy, and enjoy their own piece of the American dream. Most of, we hope that our government returns to governing with pragmatism and vision, not idealogy and dogma.