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Some Boots Should Get the Boot

By Hanna Aronovich in Miscellaneous on Nov 10, 2006 3:17PM

NM-0G3U_mp.jpgWinter weather is upon us, and the only solace is that we can finally break out our fabulous boots. But, boot-wearing is often filled with pitfalls — namely in the form of poor fashion sense. The Sun-Times took to the streets to survey random women on State Street about their boots of choice.

Chicagoist loves boots for their warmth and versatility. They go well with skirts, jeans, dresses, pants, long and short jackets — just about anything, really, provided the look works. So, what works and what doesn’t? Well, herein lies the problem.

image3xl.jpgWe weren’t really thrilled with most of the styles we saw in the Sun-Times’ photo gallery. None offended us quite as much as the lady in the white Timberland boots with “sparkly green fibers intermingled with the fur lining.” Huh? What? No, there should be no sparkly fibers anywhere on your person. And, paired with a white micromini? That is wrong on so many levels.

So, what’s right? We think a thin-heeled, pointed-toe, knee-length boot is always sexy. We’re still seeing boots tucked into jeans all over the streets, and we like the look — provided the jeans are skinny. None of this bulky business.

Are Uggs still OK? We’ve never been fans, but the boots simply will not disappear. If you must wear them, please wear them with jeans or a cute skirt — not with sweatpants. Unless you’re running down to Walgreens. And, even then, try to be quick about it.

We also say “no” to Mukluks, mainly because we find the idea of walking around with rabbits on our feet is repulsive and unnecessary (this is Chicago, not the Yukon). And, we haven’t even broached the subject of ankle boots. Very, very difficult to pull off successfully. Even Mischa Barton couldn’t do it.